Well, Well, Well.

Having just taken down the Christmas lights and put them away it’s now all done.

12th night and all is well. What was the star to you this Christmas? What was your main focus! Family, wealth, health, what you would get under the tree or maybe just peace and good will for all.

So today What is the star to you now? If you don’t know think about what you would like for your family or friends or even yourself this coming year and that is probably what is most important to you and the main thing you will set as your goal.

Most of the people I see and work with are goal driven but I am always interested in who or what is driving them froward who is behind their star.

I suppose for me it will come down to spending more time in prayer and meditation, running retreats for people, my ongoing counselling work and spiritual direction. All of this on top of the day job.